EDIY: How To Create a Spline Jig for the Table Saw

Spline Jig Use

  1. Accurately cut splines in right-angle pieces

The spline jig for the table saw can quickly and accurately cut splines into right-angle pieces. This jig works by sitting the workpiece into the jig and passing it through the table saw. By the way the jig is configured in this article, it does not have the capability to cut spines in wood that is not at a right angle. You can place spacers on top of the 2x4s to create splines for angles less than 90 degrees.


  1. 8×16″ plywood
  2. 9″ 2×4 wood
  3. Wood glue
  4. Nails
  5. Nail gun
  6. Speed square and ruler


  1. Align plywood horizontally
  2. Mark 90 degrees with the pivot point at the bottom of the plywood
  3. Align, glue, and nail 2×4 wood

Align plywood horizontally

First, you will need to align the plywood so the 16″ side is on the top and bottom and the 8″ side is on the sides.

Mark 90 degrees with the pivot point at the bottom of the plywood

Mark the middle of the bottom of the 16″ side of plywood then using the speed square mark a 45-degree line from the bottom of the plywood.

Afterward, take the speed square the mark a 90-degree angle in relation to the line. If the lines were marked correctly, there should be a 45-degree angle from the second marked line and the bottom of the plywood.

Align, glue, and nail 2×4 wood

Align the two 2×4 above the marked lines. The 2×4 on the left side of the plywood should go to the bottom of the plywood as shown in the picture. The reason for this because the end grain will come in contact with the blade if the right side 2×4 is on the bottom. This will cause quicker wear and tear on your jig.

After you align the 2x4s you will glue and nail it to the plywood and then you can use the jig.


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