About Me

My name is Rachel Blanding and I am located in Charlotte, NC USA. I do woodworking and welding as a hobby and mainly on the weekends.

I started woodworking at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic out of personal interest.

In the workforce, I work full-time in the computer science field and am a part-time piano teacher.

What do I do?

I create furniture and art out of wood and metal. Since woodworking is a hobby, I create things for myself, family, and friends.

I also enjoy refurbishing furniture and creating things out of other materials like epoxy and concrete.

Why should you read my blog?

My blog is a collection of all of the knowledge that I have gathered through experience, YouTube videos, classes, and books. In this site, you will find information that ranges from safety recommendations and measures, expectations, how-to guides, plans, reviews, and more!

You will learn about..

  • Safety
  • Expectations
  • How-to guides
  • Plans
  • Reviews and more!

My projects

My very first project was a drawer organizer, and like most first projects, I could have used a lot of work. My second project was a small book case that could go under my work desk.

As I progressed, I created more bookcases, shelves, wall art, and other pieces of furniture.